There are 2 key items in our homes and business that protect us, and the scary truth is, One of them we check sometimes and the other hardly at all. Its the reality in the product life of a Smoke Alarm and a Safety switch.

Did you know?  Smoke Alarms expire. Do you know when yours do?

With Gold Coast City Electrical Smoke Alarm Maintenance plan you wont need to worry.

It also comes as a recommendation that you replace your smoke alarm battery annually. Most people remember the slogan,

Its simple, Don’t be an April Fool, Change your smoke alarm battery. The Queensland government along with Queensland rescue, make mention this on the 1st of April each year.

Gold Coast City Electrical can offer you our Annual Electrical Safety Inspection and testing of your smoke alarms for your home, Investment property or Business. We will Clean the alarm, Replace batteries, Smoke test the detector, Volume test the smoke alarm, we will also make sure the position is correct and complies to Australian standards.

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Safety switches are your only defence between you and the electricity that you use.

Safety Switches are designed to detect the electricity that is leaked from a circuit, It must trip within 30 Milliseconds of the detection of a leak greater than 30 milliamps. The reason it needs to trip so quickly is to protect the human heart. Electrocution can occur when more than 30 milliamps passed through the body. This very small amount of electricity can do so much damage. Its recommend that you press the Test button on the safety switch marked with a T, Monthly. This is just to determine that the switch is operational but this will not tell you that its quick enough.

Protecting yourself, Your property, or Your investment is simple, Gold Coast City Electrical can help. As apart of our Annual Electrical Safety Inspection we will test your Safety switch meets the requirements needed to protect you.

In our Annual inspections, this is what we do,

We will check that your property is Safe! How?

We will check that your safety switch is protecting your home or business properly, We will advise whether the safety switch meets standards, by completing relevant tests using the most up to date technology to be sure that your safety switch is doing its job. We will write you a report explaining those results as well as advise any recommendations.

To get your Safety Switch or Smoke alarm checked Call Gold City Electrical Today.

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